Review: DayBlack Issue #1

DayBlack is one of the coolest books iv’e read, seriously! In a world of reboots and re-imaginings, DayBlack finds a way to stand out from the rest and manages to stand significantly apart from any competition. That is all mad possible with DayBlack’s author and artist Keef Cross. This creator brings forth style, creativity and originality not seen on any Comic Book or canvas for that matter.

DayBlack is in a whole different genre that is a blend of southern tell tale, gothic infused, with vampire mythology and just the right amount of Hip-Hop.

 The story begins in a cotton field where our main character Merce gets bitten by a vampire While he is picking cotton as a slave. The story then moves locations century’s later (Modern times) in Georgia.

Like most Rosarium published books, this is an amazing read!


DayBlack follows the main character Merce. A former man, turned vampire during the days of slavery in America. He now “lives” in Georgia where he makes his money as a tattoo artist. Merce wakes up to the same routine every day, he is an unfulfilled immortal with a Jones for change.


Credit: Rosarium Publishing

Analysis:Spoiler free


This first issue is great on so many levels. It serves up as an introduction to our main character Merce while the author gives his interpretation on vampires and what traditional mythology applies to Merce.

Keef Cross breathes new life to the vampire genre but doesn’t make his story sit side by side with other vampire story’s, he stands severed from the rest and is a proud, original, distinguishable title. Cross brings some very different ideas to the very played out vamps.  From the way Merce drinks his blood and collects it, to what can harm him.

Also, keep an eye out for a scene with Merce and his coffin. When i saw it i bugged the fuck out!

This issue has a lot of promise and a whole lot of story left  to tell. By the end of the issue all of the information you need to know is given and the rest is yet to be discovered.



Credit: Rosarium Publishing

The art is incredible. Everything is drawn tightly with a technique iv’e never seen before. I could only describe as “Keef’s signature style.” It’s line drawing and shadowing that resembles mummy wrap, identical looking to the second layer of skin. Everything is covered in it from skin, clothes, hair and its beautiful!

Regardless of what your interested in, Keef Cross will turn you into a life long fan.

DayBlack is by author and artist Keef Cross and published by Rosarium Publishing

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