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 Spotlight Comic Book Review: ERATHUNE Issue #1

Stranger Comics recently released their high fantasy title ERATHUNE. Now adding to Stranger Comics fictional setting Asunda. ERATHUNE takes place in the vast world of Asunda, a mythical world with a rich history lasting over 1,000 years. ERATHUNE tells the story of Buxton Stonebeard, who is a pirate, a rogue and an exiled murderer who also happens to be the heir to the throne! So without anymore delay, HipHopUndead has the review for issue #1 here.


ERATHUNE is set in Asanda:

Credit: Stranger Comics


The book follows Buxton Stonebeard, the wielder of an ancient axe called “The Soul Sunder.” The axe demands the blood and Buxton follows its call and its calling for a soul in ERATHUNE, his dwarvin home he has been exiled from. 



This comic book feels very different from anything i’ve read. I am into high fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson, Tad Williams, Clive Barker and this story feels like it could sit next to these novels! Upon reviewing it, I had to read it a few times and look up the website to get a full grasp of the story. I don’t remember a comic book ever doing that. Wow!


This just proves the power of comic books. Sebastian A. Jones has proven that a fantasy comic book rich with history, diversity, and a great story can exist. 


Erathune #1 opens up with Buxton on his way home. On his voyage, we begin to see the habitat that is Asunda and the creatures and plants that live there. The setting helps build the world and cements its setting. Upon arriving in the town tavern, Buxton sits next to a familiar face, Niobe. Niobe, at this place in time is a fully grown women and she looks fully capable of her abilities this time around.


Credit: Stranger Comics


Buxton’s return home has brought a lot of negative attention and some residents of ERATHUNE approached the table where Niobe and Buxton are sitting and request for their presence to another area. Buxton takes out his axe for it to be collected by the men and they cannot lift it! It seems to be bound to Buxton.


Now, in fear of ruining the story I am going to go ahead and refer you to book itself so you can read it. And if you have not already, check out Stranger Comics and read up on there past issues to get the full experience of this amazing world they have built. The next issue will be a full spoiler review! 


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