Spotlight Comic Book Reviews: Bust by Dave Cook illustrated by Chris O’Toole

Bust is a kickstarted comic book funded by the people. Followers, backers, friends believed in this book. So when it came time to deliver the product, Dave Cook delivered!

Bust is post apocalyptic world that is full of heart-break, revolution and heroics and this is just the first issue. Running at 35 pages, Bust comic book is a good read and well worth the support. 

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Bust issue #1

BUST 1 Cover


Set in Las Vegas, after a mutant type strain has brought the world to a cryptic end. Civilians must survive and it survival of the fittest! This story follows Jack and his wife and son as they try to live under the thumb of Eddie Scott, a twisted, juggernaut of a kingpin who has found a way to entertain as well as keep his “Residents” to obey his rule.


Spoiler Free

Bust starts off with our hero Jack in chiseled, muscular form preparing for what seems to be a match of some sort. He is greeted by henchman and  makeshift priest he isn’t pleased to see. The setting feels all to oppressed and unsettling. Dave Cook does a great job explaining the story through narrator and main character



Only a few pages in and Bust looks and feels cinematic. I really enjoyed the “Sinner” touch Cook added and how Jack has to earn his way back to society and wash his hands of sin by, what looks like, killing.

The villain of this story is Eddie Scott, a shrewd, overweight and sinister man. A man with money and power.  Even in a society where money has no worth, Eddie knows how to use his power and keep order among his “flock” with “Meal Cards.”

bustpage4print This story takes off quickly, within the first couple of pages the plot begins to unveil itself. Cook does a great job at having audience rooting for our hero Jack as the author puts him through horrible twist.


The art is by Chris O’Toole. His art has a great hand drawn style that’s missing in comics. I also noticed there are subtle blue lines that are on everything that give depth to what is being drawn as well as a signature niche by the artist.

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