4. Conway The Machine


Conway The Machine is a lyrical, bar heavy emcee. His street persona comes off strong when you listen to his music. For some, that can lead to a few not listening. But I can assure you, this rapper is ILL! Hailing from Buffalo NY, Conway has lived a street oriented life as young as the 8th grade.

In 2012 while promoting his album. Conway got in his truck and a crew of people shot his car and Conway was hit in the back of his body, his neck and face. The right side of his face is paralyzed which is why he looks the way he does while  he is rapping.

During his treatment and stay in the hospital, Conway still managed to perform with Young Jeezy. While recovering from three head shots! Conway had made that concert in a wheelchair and hospital gown.

Due to the ramifications of the day Conway was shot, Conway took the rap life more serious and left the street shit behind him. He began to focus on lyrics. Hip-Hop is better because of it.

The streets have been such a large part of his life it still finds its way through his rhymes but does so in a lyrical and intriguing way. 

Conway’s flow is gritty. Drawing from personal experiences of harsh reality and violence. Conway has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Because of cerebral palsy, he is constantly pushing his lyrics out with effort. You can see this as his cheek puffs out. Kanye spit “Through The Wire.” While Conway spits through a permanent paralyzed face. He had to learn how to talk all over again

Conway’s pen game is mean! I don’t see many emcee’s out right matching Conway’s writing style, his flow, and drive. He is a debatable for the number one spot honestly. 

With his partner in rhyme, Westside Gunn and the Griselda Gang brand, he is surrounded by talent. This click brings back that mafioso type raps New York was known for. To there content, attire, rhyme style and voices.

Conway The Machine can’t be stopped!