2. Wiki (of Ratking)


Wiki is a 23-year-old rapper and member of the group Ratking. He is a Harlem resident and an odd ball to say the least. His rap persona is bugged out! In interviews he is way more calm than his music makes you believe.

That statement doesn’t mean I think he’s fake. In fact Hip-Hop has given this young man a voice to express his frustrations, his stories, and love. Hip-Hop is an amazing genre and he adds to this culture. He has a thick New York accent that is icing to his flow and content. 

Wiki is an emcee you cant pin down and a lot of people have compared him to Eminem and I agree with that somewhat but only earlier in his career. On the album Wiki93 by Ratking I heard similarities but he has grown into his own style and has made a name for himself.

This emcee has a lyrics full of wordplay for hip-hop heads to dissect. His flow has a melodic rhythm at times and his pen game has gotten more clever since 2011. Listen below!!