Review: Blue Hand Mojo Issue #1

Blue Hand Mojo  has its first issue out and we were floored by how much style, presence and power this book has.

Blue Hand Mojo is one of the recent comic books by John Jennings. distributed  by the up and coming publishing house, Rosarium publishing. 

 So let’s get right into this review of Blue Hand Mojo issue #1

blue hand mojo
Credit: Rosarium Publishing


The year 1931. Chicago. Frank “Half Dead” Johnson has been working off his debt to Scratch (aka The Devil) for the last two centuries. Frank possesses supernatural abilities that permit him to investigate the strangest of cases no one else wants or even understands. 


Credit: Rosarium Publishing
Credit: Rosarium Publishing

Analysis: Spoilers

Blue Hand Mojo is all across the board, cool. Starting of with Frank, our main character. An immortal man who ha lived for century’s. H is currently living in Chicago, 1931.

  Blue Hand Mojo breaks the rules when it come to the writing a main character. What rule does Blue Hand Mojo break? well, if you ever had to write a story through fiction your instructor would say “make your main character like-able!” Frank isn’t that guy for you and that’s alright, it works.

At first we sympathize with Frank. When first introduced to Frank, the first page takes us to his current residence in an apt located in Chicago. Our first images of the main character are of him having a nightmare. Where he witnesses his family being hanged from a tree. Upon waking he describes these recurring nightmares as:

“My usual dose of guilt is
administered by my ghostly family
staring at me through accusingly
loving eyes.” 

haunting, painted picture right? Franks nightmare is interrupted by a knock on the door. A kid delivering a message. You think he would be grateful but he swears off the kid before he scolds him. We now have our first impression of our hero and as you read he catches you up on his history with monologue story telling. As the story moves on we see why he has developed such a bad mood.

Frank ultimately has good intentions but his history has molded him into his current state. Living longer then he should have and being a black man in America during the last three centuries will do that.

This thick skin brings a reputation to his name and when situation’s gets weird, its his reputation that comes in handy for dealing with the strange and other worldly. When character’s are with frank, they feel confident of his ability to get the job done. As well as the reader.

Frank can be grumpy, arrogant, and mean streak but Jennings balances Frank out. 

Frank has arrogance, but it helps to fight the fog of fear. He has a foul mouth and is irrational approach when it come to talking to people but it comes off as charismatic. because his knowledge with the strange he has the proper resources to investigate with his “Blue Hand Mojo”, and lifetimes of knowledge to understand why you should never use the N word!


John Jennings shines with his distinguished style. The quality of art in this book is outstanding. The style is a great companion to this story and with John Jennings who wrote this script has that luxury of drawing what he originally had in mind. The monologue on the side of the panels works well. It gives the art room to breathe and allows you to be immersed into this world without distraction. 


Credit: Rosarium Publishing
Credit: Rosarium Publishing


Blue Hand Mojo is an intriguing book that should be experienced by fans of the comic book genre. There is so much rich history to this character. Frank is just plain, cool! He plays it cool, he keeps it cool.

There is definitely a darker side to this setting and story. I feel the sadness and terror that comes with this particular territory. This story also caries hope. The supernatural adds a fun, captivating element. Jennings put a lot of thought when he built this world and it shows!

Blue Hand Mojo  by writer and author John Jennings is published by Rosarium publishing. You can purchase the E-book on the website here.