2. TUT



TUT dropped an incredible, Chattanooga cultured mixtape last year titled “Preachers Son” Since its release last year, fans have been eagerly waiting for a new release. But Preachers Son is so good, it keeps us content.

TUT is a rapper hailing from Chattanooga. He is literally a preacher’s son. He gets support from his father, his church and his city. TUT tours with his home-grown live band, The Plug.

Every musician is from Chattanooga and a mix of races. Which is an achievement in itself because of Chattanooga’s history of racial rooted conflicts.

He obviously has a southern style to his music but he transcends everything that has come before him, respectively. He shines as an individual. His hooks are well written and does a great job at centering the message of the track.

His verses are highly impressive. Using double entendres, slant words, and everything else in the rap book. His arsenal is stacked.

He raps with a purpose, an end goal and he wont stop until his vision is reality. This emcee has been touring heavily and has been featured in songs with Isaiah Rashad and Big KRIT.

Listen below to see why TUT is a Leader Of The New school!