A-F-R-O is the future of Hip-Hop! Period. To me, and this is just opinion. But if you look at the Hip-Hop’s past and who changed the standard of Hip-Hop. You would see these names. These emcees raised the bar for writing. Rakim, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane had mean pen games. Kool G Rap, Biggie, Ghostface Killah were some of the best writers of there generation. Rappers like Mos Def, Nas, MF Doom, Black Thought were next.

Well who now? A-F-R-O, that’s who!!

 A young emcee who was discovered by R.A. The Rugged Man. After listening to freestyle submissions and picked him out of the bunch. R.A. had no idea he was a 17-year-old kid!! His voice is deep and his flow crafted masterfully beyond his age.

Since then, A-F-R-O has been paying his dues over the years with touring and dropping mixtapes, singles, visuals. Being co-signed by R.A. The Rugged Man helps but A-F-R-O has been putting in work. He is not afraid of footwork. This keeps him hungry, he is just like everyone else.

One of the many reasons I respect this emcee.

His talents had gotten the attention from Hip-Hop heavyweights The Gza and DJ Premiere. Since then has connected with Sadat X, Jedi Mind Tricks, Smif n Wessun, and many more.

All Flows Reach Out has been trained by ear from the original lyricist. Discovering Rakim at the age at 9, his first impression of Hip-Hop was of a Hip-Hop GOD! Following that was the love for bars, lyrics, and rhyme. The rest will be Hip-Hop history.

A-F-R-O can actually freestyle. A lost art that not many emcees take serous. All Flows Reach Out is one of the best out doing it right now. There is no denying this young emcee and his throne as the next best artist in Hip-Hop.

Not since MF Doom have I heard an lyrics like this. Long live Hip Hop!!

AFRO is a Leader Of The New School!