Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’

This track here was my first exposure to Wu-Tang. it was 1999, 8th grade and it rocked me! U-God jumped off the track with a flow I had never heard. I was strictly west coast rap, with Wu being from the east coast, they were not on my radar.

So when I heard “Raw imma give it to ya/ with no trivia/well like cocaine straight from Bolivia/my hip-hop will/ rock and shock the nation/like the emancipation/proclamation.

I couldn’t wrap my mind behind why a rapper (emcee) would refer to history like that. In the same verse mention coke, emcee. All with a bouncy delivery to production unlike anything out at the time.

U-god eventually became my favorite member. Probably because of this song. *Fun Fact* (U-God was in jail during the recording of the album and almost didn’t make the cut. he was released just in time to make the group. If you noticed, U-God is only in two songs in this album. This track and T.E.A.R.Z) Also, Cappadonna was supposed to be a part of the original group but he was in jail as well. He eventually became the “10th” member.

The rest of the song I spent smiling and catching my breath. Every emcee that spit brought something to the table and I couldn’t pick who liked more.

It’s safe to say Wu-Tang shook Hip-Hop grounds as well fans minds. Collectively they are all different as far as voices, style, delivery goes.

What does Wu-Tang mean to me? EVERYTHING! If it wasn’t for Wu, I would have never found Hip-Hop. Not to knock west coast Hip-hop, I still listen to today and love.

With Wu-Tang, they changed my preference and raised my standards. I could no longer settle for mediocre.

Enjoy the visual for Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’ by The Wu-Tang Clan below.