Bust 2: WasteLand Ronin

Dave Cook brings back Bust in a big way in issue#2. Filled with gangs, violence, and brand new characters. Bust 2 does not disappoint!


Bust #2 begins Ten years after the events of Issue #1. The last we seen Jack. He was wondering the wastelands after his rebellion took over Arizona. The new democracy then took over. They eventually imploded.

In this issue we begin to see the toll Jack’s guilt takes on him. As well as the what has spawned from the fruits of his rebellion.


Some spoilers follow

Bust 2 begins ten years after issue #1. I immediately am skeptic of the direction the story takes. What has he been doing then? Wouldn’t things look better? How is this going to work? My frantic thoughts begin to subside as Dave Cook took the steering wheel and guided me through.

This ended being such an amazing read!

We begin Bust 2 by being  introduced to the very eerie, violent gang, The Smilers. Which are a product ironically of Jack. They are looking to take over land. At the same time, hunt down Jack in the process.

The gang Rides in makeshift armored trucks. Garbage trucks and 18 wheeler’s with protruding spears, metal pieces and guns.

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Jack is now living in the free south, In a town called Small Peach Orchard. Where housing is packed close and people are free to do as they please. Whore houses are placed next to sheriffs office and bodies get stacked to the side of the street, A true wasteland.

Jack spends most of his days with a prostitute named, Eve. A women he has made his surrogate wife to that helps him cope with his guilt. Even after ten years had passed, he is still mourning. He is still beating himself up for it.

The fact that he is using a prostitute to help him cope gives this world a more bleak look. The mood begins to feel very depressing and that’s exactly what great writing does. It Evokes emotion from us readers.



This whole scene is very tragic. Watching Jack calming himself by calling a prostitute his wife’s name is very desperate. You begin to feel for Jack in a way you didn’t in Issue number 1. Bust begins to take an unsettling direction. I feel like this time around, this issue of Bust has way more heart.

New Characters: from Bust 2 

The Smilers:

“Boss” is the deranged leader of the group. His urge to mutilate his victims is what has kept him in charge and alive. He is often conflicted with him questioning his actions. There was an incident that has damaged the boss’s memory. None of it was explained yet but it all involves Jack.

Second in command is Chuckie. The most normal looking of the crew. But for him to never flinch while people are killed makes him fit right in.

The Smilers crew adds so much to this book. Danger, entertainment, depth. I am so glad they are a part of this book.


Old Man Jack to be specific. Jack is a badass! I don’t mean to be informal but its true. Jack’s character has adapted to the times. He has set traps, good with hand to hand combat and overall, reliable. One thing that does not get answered is what has kept him alive this whole time? He seems to want to live to be spiteful towards his enemy’s. Eventually, in this issue, he finds his purpose.


Lilian is an interesting character. She where’s an old clerk vest. Probably still holding on to the old world. This doesn’t make her defenseless at all tho. She handles some “Thugs” who underestimate her at her bar she runs with her father. She accompanies jack on his way towards information.

The FBI:

Yes, there are still government officials running around. There is also a mention of P.O.T.U.S. ! The agents add depth to the story and for a small moment, Hope. Until you reach the end of the book. Who they are protecting id imagine will play a big part in this story line.


Often times, when approaching these apocalyptic worlds, the biggest threat is the environment. Its conditions. The biggest threat in Bust is the human race. Will they do the right thing? Can they govern themselves? Will they rise?

Well they did rise and they are now living in their own mess they made for themselves.

This is a great reflection of our own society. Sure things are bad and the people in charge of our own country are crooks! But Bust ask the question “Are they a necessary evil?” Do we need people like Eddie Scott? Most would say no. With the power of comic books, the question gets raised.

Dave Cook does so much in this issue. I’m really looking forward to what he does next. With this issue as well as his other series Vessels.


Bust issue 2 delivers in a big way. The story is bigger. The art looks cleaner. There’s more violence, as there should be. It also as tasteful as violence can get.

New characters keep the story moving in the right direction. I am very impressed by Dave Cook’s writing. With him steering this behemoth of a book, I am not worried at all.

As usual, this is a long book. You get your moneys worth. This is becoming one of my favorite series to follow. This issue impresses! Make sure to support Kickstarter Bust #3

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