Is Hip-Hop Dead? NO, #HipHopIsInfin8

It was here before you were/it will be here in the future/ Hip-Hop aint dead/ it’s just sick of being personified. – Inspired by Sage Francis

Hip-Hop is not dead. It really isn’t. Some might say it is and I respect your opinion. With new artist having passive opinions on the music that came before them (Vince Staples, Tyler The Creator, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty) It has created a huge gap between both generations.

I believe we reached a crucial point in the Hip-Hop community. Where there is a line being drawn in the sand.

Purist v.s. New school, Traditionalist v.s. millennial and Hip-Hop snobs v.s. Hip-Hop enthusiast.

In the end, neither one of these groups of people get the benefit of listening to each others choices. The reason being, we are busy arguing over what is considered Hip-Hop. It’s subjective. As much as I hate to admit it, mumble rap is a sub genre of Hip-Hop. So does Hip-Pop and whatever rapper is trending. While rapping without any rhyme skill.

Bad Hip-Hop has always existed, let it fade with the times. The best thing we can do is pay no attention to it and $upport the lyricist.

But there are great artist out her who are doing great things with HipHop. Kembe X, Open Mike Eagle, Conway The Machine, Chance The Rapper, Red Pill, Salomon Faye, TUT, Javier Starks, Clear Soul Forces, Wiki, REKS, PHENOM, Joyner LucasKOTA The Friend. and the list go’s on! Plenty more.

If you were to check these artist out you might notice that they sound very different compared to the golden era artist we know and love.

listen to the similarities. Not in the delivery but the lyrics! The core of their music is a message brought forth with talent. These rappers are hungry and there not selling out for fame. They are being themselves. Just like the artist we grew up listening to. Quality, creative, talented, depth, lyrical. All the emcees I listed above hold at least one or more of these traits. Now compare the radio, panda, mumble, drake singing music that is popular today and compare that to a TUT or Noveliss, REKS or Skyzoo.

Very different huh? You see, we ask for “dope Hip-Hop” but when it’s presented to us we immediatly  group it with the B.S. music. Our biased opinions begin to take hold. We compare it to A Tribe Called Quest or Public Enemy, Rakim, Biggie, or Nas! News flash for any one who was born in the 80’s (including myself. 1987), we were spoiled with the BEST RAPPERS, EVER!

But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is. It doesn’t mean we need to lower our standards to enjoy the new school. It just means we need to let Hip-Hop evolve. Stop being bitter and support our culture.

From Kurtis Blow to Kool Moe Dee. To Rakim to Kool G Rap. KRS-One to A Tribe Called Quest. De La Soul to Biggie. Nas to WuTang. NWA to Tupac. Bone Thugs to Xzibit. DMX to Eminem. You see what I’m getting at?

Hip-Hop has never been consistent, it’s never had gracious transitioning periods. It changes in an instant almost. Its evolved over the years. IT grew. Its Infinite!

Its been great and exciting to watch and listen to what Hip-Hop can offer lately. To see where each new school artist takes it. Which is why I am creating a new campaign. Titled:


Giving you 8 reasons why you should check out this album, artist, t.v. show or producer that contributes to Hip-Hop’s longevity.

The number 8 plays a very significant role because the eight letter in the alphabet is H. HipHop! (Shout out to Rakim and The Rza for the inspiration) When you write the number 8 it never ends. Its infinite! turn it sideways…the symbol for infinity!

Infin8! I hope this editorial has opened your eyes and expanded your listening. I hope you join me on this journey to Hip-Hop’s infinite possibility’s. Continue to check out the artist we promote and the upcoming infin8 campaign we have going on.

We will be releasing a list every Thursday for #HipHopIsInfin8. Make sure to drop by everyday to check out the daily Hip-hop we drop. Always supporting the best this culture has to offer.

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– Sammy R. MF Victory @Hip_HopNerd (The creator of