The Re-Creation Project (TRP) Issue #1

Brian Hawkins latest book The Re-Creation Project explores an idea that excites the Hip-Hop nerd in us. A rapper turned god! Yes, David Banner would be proud of this one. Journey with HipHopUndead as we walk through this world created by Brian Hawkins. Art by Morgan Sawyer

The Re-Creation Project
Credit: Alterna Comics


The human race is rattled when aliens called “The Greys” land on earth.  A civilian approaches one of the aliens and the world understands there intentions, destroy and re-create earth.  Earthlings are now putting their faith in God. Who used to sell Hip-Hop records!



Some Spoilers Follow:

It’s the end of the world. “The Greys” land in Richmond, Virginia and the human race has their first encounter with an extra terrestrial race. “The Greys” do not come in peace and begin to exterminate civilians. This starts a chain of events that lead to The Re-creation Project. What is The Re-Creation Project? Read below.


the re creation project

During the landing, there is a floating man in a white hoodie with a purple hue glowing around its body. With no explanation but it appears that no one can see it. This here, is God!

God, in The RE-Creation Project is a former rapper by the name of Messiah. But the burden that comes from that title “God”, should not belong to a man. Messiah feels the burden of the prayers and worship and how much people rely on him. Its wearing him down. It appears the title of God was not handed down to Messiah. It was literally a search within himself, knowledge of self that granted Messiah his powers. K.O.S. (Knowledge of self) is crucial in Hip-Hop. Nod to you sir Hawkins!

trp-3To see the God in you is to reveal these powers we all posses. To be the controller of your own destiny. Could you imagine the power? What If the human race could see the god in ourselves? Well imagine that power in this fictional world Hawkins created. All while an alien invasion is happening! It would be perfect timing. This is why this book’s core ideas are so great.

screenshot-705Messiah also describes the “Greys” as a serpent type alien. Hmm….You see any biblical references?

Where the Easter eggs hatch the storytelling leaves me guessing at times. Like the 6 months between the arrival of “The Greys” and now. How has the government responded? What have people been doing the whole time to survive? This I am sure will eventually be answered in future issues. But was a nagging question i would ask.

The Re-Creation Project is out on Comixology next week. 9/28/2016 and available for pre-order for print.



The Re-Creation Project at first impression sounds very odd. Probably because its an idea that hasn’t been explored  before as far as I know. It’s exciting to see an original idea where there are so many re-creations and re-makes. With that being said, this book would need be executed well.

Where do I see this book fall? It’s too early to decide. I am in anticipation for the next issue because the way issue #1 ended. The title The RE-Creation Project begins to make sense now. With Adam sitting next to an apple on the very last panel. Wow! Who gets to him first??

This issue kept me guessing. In good ways and bad. For one, I would have loved to have heard more dialogue between Messiah and less monologue. I wanted to see how he interacts with people rather than what he thinks about them. I’m in anticipation because I want this book to succeed. I adore the ideas behind it.

Overall, this is a solid title I am sure to get even more engaging as the issues go by. Make sure to support Brian L. Hawkins and purchase this book!