A look at issue #3 of Bust and an interview with the creator, Dave Cook!

Hiphopundead recently sat down with the founder of Card Shark Comics and comic book creator Dave Cook. We discuss Vessels, Bust and whats coming up next for his publication.

Questions About Bust 

HipHopUndeadBust is turning out to be a great series! With issue 3 coming out soon, what could we expect?

Dave Cook: This is definitely our ‘Empire Strikes Back’ issue, where we’ve got lots more character development, higher stakes, and lots of darkness too. We also get to know Dawn a lot better too, including the secrets she’s hiding, and we learn more about Sackcloth, the crazed raider who wants to kill Jack.

That’s certainly a big twist we’re building up to, and we also explore just how far gone Jack’s mind has become. He’s lost everything, killed countless people and it’s finally taking a toll on his mind. Is he slowly becoming the thing he hates? We want to keep you guessing on that one.

HHU: If the Bust comic books had a soundtrack what music would it include?

DC: That’s a brilliant question haha. Although I don’t listen to acoustic stuff much, I think something like The Last of Us soundtrack would be ideal giving a lot of pathos to each scene and fractured wasteland skyline. Maybe even Beck’s rare acoustic album One Foot in the Grave (check it out on Spotify!) 

HHU: Do you know what issue Bust will end?

DC: Absolutely. I always get the start and end of my entire series figured out before I write a single word, as well as the main plot ‘beats’ – big events that direct our narrative and help the story get to its conclusion.

I’ve known the Bust ending since the start and it’s going to come to a close with issue #5, which is actually net on my to-do list. It’s a weird feeling to be ending it, like saying goodbye to a dear friend.

*The interview continues below at the end of this 10 page preview of Bust issue #3! 

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bust3page_61 bust3page_71 bust3page_81 bust3page_91Questions About Card Shark Comics

 HHU: Will we see a new series from other talent being released on Card Shark Comics? If so, what is the submission process?

DC: This is an interesting one as I sometimes do get submissions over Facebook, and I feel bad telling them that we’re not actually a publisher. We’re sort of a collective, a production label for all of the scripts I write. I work with different artists on each title, but there is sometimes a cross over.

For example, Vessels artist Rafael Desquitado created a Feather pin-up for Comichaus, while Bust cover artist Craig Paton created some Kickstarter rewards for Vessels. Someone asked me recently, ‘why don’t you sign a new comic?’ and my only response was ‘I don’t know. I’m thinking about it more and more recently, so you never know watch this space.

    HHU: Where were you when you got the news that John McCrea and Mike Spencer were making a cover for Bust

DC: I think I was at work, and almost shouted out ‘YES!’ in front of all my colleagues, which would have been very odd and embarrassing. To have artist that level, who have worked for DC, Marvel, Titan and Image say they’ll create a cover for our silly little indie comic, well, that’s just an incredible thing, and I seriously can’t thank them enough for giving us their time and talent.



HHU: What can you tell us about your monthly story that is featured on Comichaus?

DC: I was drawn to Comichaus early on as a lot of creators I know were invited to submit stories, and I had an idea for a comic about the rapture called Feather for ages. I pitched it and got accepted straight away. Issue #3 of Comichaus is in the works now, and Feather #3 is in there.

It’s getting pretty grim – it’s all about a new strain of bird flu that sweeps the world, but you start to realize that the disease actually has biblical connotations and that the rapture is coming. Feather will run until Comichaus #6 but if it proves popular I might do something bigger and standalone with it. I’ll see how it goes.

HHU: What is 2017 looking like for Card Shark Comics? 

DC: 2017 will be a big one for us for reasons I can’t share here, but I can tell you that our third series will launch next year. It’s called Killtopia, and it’s a love letter to the older Manga movies like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, combined with the wacky, violent games by Suda 51 like No More Heroes or Killer7, along with the works of Platinum Games, creators of Bayonetta and Vanquish.

It’s set in a Japanese metropolis about 50 years from now, so you get a lot of rusted metal, dilapidated slums and polluted skylines, all hazing against neon signs, multi-layered towns and strange cultures. Although I just finished issue #1 in October, the full reveal is a while off so I can’t tell you much more right now, but it’s going to be a blast to write and hopefully, to read.

Questions About Vessels

  HHU: First of all, what a mind F*** this book was! What was the process of creating these awesome looking villains? When is issue #2 dropping???

DC: Haha, thank you! Yeah, I really wanted Vessels to be weird and wonderful, with larger than life characters and just an ‘odd’ factor that means we can do some totally random stuff and not have it questioned from a lore perspective. We establish early that because the realm of dreams is a place some gifted people can visit freely, there will inevitably be some weird goings on as a result. You should see the script for issue #5, which I’m halfway through writing now, it’s the maddest, most bizarre thing I’ve ever written. Issue #2 and #3 drop next year, although we’re just figuring a few things out before we reveal the release window. We should be able to say more right after new year’s.

HHU: Now, I’m a huge Brandon Sanderson reader. I love his novels and he’s announced that his books all connect somehow. Using the dream formula, Will Vessels find a way to connect to the Bust universe? Or other Card Shark Books to come? 

DC: Oh man now you’ve got my mind racing. All I can say there is, wait and see 😉

Comic Book Related Questions:)

HHU: Which team would you join and why? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Justice League, or Avengers?

DC: X-Men, but only if I could be Gambit, he’s my favourite of that team and damn cool too!

 HHU: Silent Hill or Raccoon City?

DC: Raccoon City, because it’s less scary and I’d have more firepower to play around with.


HHU: If you could create a Comic Book creating Infinity Gauntlet, what six stones would be included? What would it be for you?

DC: That’s a seriously brilliant question!  Hmm, I think the most important would be ‘Efficiency‘ so I could stop slacking and get on with work, ‘Firewall‘ which blocks all distracting sites from my work laptop, also so I can stop slacking, ‘Foresight‘ so I could plan ahead to work around tricky narrative sections,

Money‘ because 80% of my cash goes into making comics, ‘Patience‘ mostly because I’m bad for getting over excited and announcing things early or chasing up emails the day after (which is just crap isn’t it?), and lastly ‘Confidence‘ because I still think most of my books are crap, and I could always be doing better.

I need to just cut myself some slack every so often and take the compliments. I’ll learn how to do that some day I hope!

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