EP #8 Hip-Hop & Comic Book Mixtape

This week, we give our comic book recommendation’s, talk A Tribe Called Quest & Common. Joining us for this episode is Andrew, A Pokemon Professor. We do a small interview with him and catch up with all things Pokemon. He is also a die hard Spider-Man fan!

So we get into it and try to pursued him away of his purist ways. Plenty of laughs and arguments on this one!!
We touch on comic book tv shows and films, cover the news. The Walking Dead ep 4&5, and Spiderman Homecoming. Lots of mixed media in this episode.
We touch on musicians and songs we would never want people to know we like. Do we share the same ones? Your gonna want to listen to these answers.
This show is always a ton of fun to record so
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A Tribe Called Quest:
Common – Black America Again: