HHU Favorite Mixtapes or EP’s of 2016

2016 has been a great year for Hip-Hop. What follows is a list of 5 Mixtapes and EP’s that you may or may not have heard of. Smaller projects that have had a great impact on Hip-Hop.

Lets begin.

5. Otis Mensah – Computers Outside EP


This EP is the follow-up to Otis Mensah’s mixtape Days Over Damson. Computers Outside is a great progressive album that elevates Mensah’s pen game as well as flow. Exploring diverse themes over Ray Sosa’s traditional Boom-Bap production.

What kind of impact does this EP have on Hip-Hop? This emcee creates a EP that explores personal life subjects that are relatable. His rhyme schemes alone are worth checking out. This EP is also conceptual, exploring technology with skits that bridge the lyrical content matter. As well as a script to accompany the EP.

 It also serves as a reminder of our obedience to technology and our struggle to break free from it. Computers Outside is an amazing concept album that has no bad tracks, does not waste one bit of space. With smaller projects there is less room to make an error. ironically, it also leaves no room for error! Mensah does a great job at packaging this EP,

I’ve been listening to Computers Outside since it’s drop and finding new lyrics to dissect. Hip-Hop heads, You need to listen to this!!

3 Favorite Tracks: Computers Outside/Outside/Hour Glass


4. KOTA The Friend – Palm Tree Liqour EP


This EP is KOTA The Friend’s re-introduction to Hip-Hop. After releasing single after single and creating a strong buzz, KOTA drops Palm Tree liquor. This EP gives listeners a melodic, lyrical, and heartfelt subject matter. Giving you reasons to fight while at the same time feeding the frustrated cynic in us all. A quality Hip-Hop project!

Why is this important to Hip-Hop? KOTA had this EP premiered on Billboard! Giving independent artist something to strive for. KOTA works on his own lyrics, directs his own videos and produces his own tracks. His independent grind is extraordinary. KOTA creates his own opportunity and offers Hip-Hop something to vibe too without sounding like everyone else.

His hooks are distinguished from anything I’ve heard in Hip-Hop. Does Hip-Hop have something original in its genre?? I think so.

You should be listening!

3. Nyck Caution – Disguise The Limit


Nyck Caution from the Pro Era crew, dropped an amazing effort that did not fall short of amazing. From a group that Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight and Capital Steez, Nyck can hold his own. Disguise The Limit gives an entrepreneur, motivated type of message in every song. I feel this mixtape is one that will be celebrated for years.

Why is this Mixtape important to Hip-Hop? Nyck Caution solidifies his spot in the beast coast crew. This tape also solidifies the Pro Era crew! Showing that not only the top 3 have something to offer. With large crews it’s difficult to separate yourself from the crew but Nyck does just that. Rhyme skill, subject matter and confidence shines on this mixtape!

*During the making of this website, I listened to this mixtape over and over. This helped create HipHopUndead.com!

3 Favorite Tracks: The Pursuit. Wordsmith. Just In Case.

2. Royce Da 5’9 – Trust The Shooter


Trust The Shooter was the prelude to Royce Da 5’9 album Layers. And damn, this was a beast of a mix tape!! If Trust The Shooter was this good, then Layers must be just as good right? Ya damn right it was! Listening to this mix tape in 2016 helped me a whole lot in this year. On a personal level and also, just reinvested my faith in Hip-Hop. There was not a lot of hooks or song structure as far as traditional song writing. This was a bar fest.

Why is this mix tape important to Hip-Hop? This shows how well Royce has aged in Hip-Hop. Not many age well in hip-hop but Royce has. He’s gotten better! He also shares his stage with new school emcees to continue the legacy of hip-hop. With artist like Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, Smoke DZA, Assassin, Nottz and more.

3 Favorite tracks: Which Is Cool/ Savages/ Tabernacle.

1. NoName – Telefone


NoName fka NoName Gypsy. Who is famous most for being featured on tracks. She finally breaks that streak and drops this beautiful, soulful, spoken word debut, Telefone. This EP is graceful with its lyrics. Delicate but aggressive towards injustice. This songstress, lyricist harmonizes her magic into our hearts. NoName has an undeniable charm to her that cannot be denied! I love her, I love her message and what she brings to this genre.

Why is this important to Hip-Hop?  Women in hip-hop seem to be scarce. If they are in the genre, they use aggressive tactics to get noticed. NoName shines beautifully the way she is. She has no antics or a shtick. She is who she is and it’s obviously good enough for hip-hop and music.

3 Favorite tracks: Sunny Duet/ Freedom Interlude/ Bye Bye Baby.