Soul Khan – Vandal Savage

Battle rap legend, lyricist, Soul Khan keeps listeners engaged with his signature style of wordplay and metaphors.

Listen to Vandal Savage below. LONG LIVE HIP HOP!

Verse 1
Back at it again
Vandal with the life span
Track’s slapping again
Like Samuel and Diane
Damn, this shit is Cayenne
Cocky as Curtis Jackson
My body of work is canon
Like Samus with the right hand

You’re fucking with the most savage of the Trilams
I’m showing ’em something mindblowing as Zapruder
As Smooth as Grand Puba rapping with the Sprite can
I stay a step ahead like the clapping of a white man

Y’all don’t wanna cross swords
Drop it like an aux cord
That’s something y’all ain’t got the bollocks or the heart for
I shut ’em down like a modern mom and pop store
‘Cause I’m doing damage you don’t have an Otter Box for

Not even God or the Mighty Ducks could challenge
My style is
Ill as the Buyers Club of Dallas
Page with the Diamond Cutter
To make you Steiner Brothers see why I’ll survive through fire, blood, or ballots

Verse 2
I barely made it through my terrible twos
Drinking amniotic fluid in America’s womb
Half man, half animal that stares at the moon
Son, I’m hotter than the bottom of a heroin spoon

Y’all so jelly I’m smooth as petroleum
The next one that they’ll try to shoot at the podium
Shifty ass motherfuckers, you’d lick linoleum
Just to get a little bit of cubic zirconium

You want to shine, got to get that dough
My man’s and them turn your face into tic tac toe
Got a lumberjack with an axe to match
Hack and slash, what the fuck I need a six pack for?

So watch how your chain reacts to the Saw treatment
And y’all see that faking jax gets you Betamaxed
But when the tape’s elapsed, you’re gonna need a doctor, a nurse, and security like Animaniacs